Check out the Libertarian Party
One way to show your support for left-libertarian politics would be to join the Libertarian Party! They’re definitely the major political party that most closely aligns with left-libertarian ideas. No, they don’t agree with us about everything, but by and large they’re pretty close.

The Libertarian Party is probably the most nebulous major party around, meaning that they’re open to individuals with a more diverse range of viewpoints. So don’t be surprised if not everything that every Libertarian candidate says makes perfect sense to you; while other parties coerce their members to “toe the line,” the Libertarians are host to a wide array of free spirits. Maybe you fit in somewhere?

Already a member of the Libertarian Party? Advocate within it for left-libertarian candidates and policies. Because the party is small, your voice will be louder!
Other Parties
Don’t want to join the Libertarian Party? That’s fine. There’s room for left-libertarians in most any political party! Just encourage candidates and leaders to pursue topics important to you: the environment, civil liberties, peace, free trade, and free immigration. We believe that the most effective long-term way to comprehensively attack the problem of climate change is via economic incentives and disincentives, specifically carbon taxes. By advocating for these principles within other parties, you can help shift the whole nature of political discourse in the nation. If your candidates refuse to address these issues, tell them it’s time to get with the program or risk losing your vote.
Don’t really identify with any political party? That puts you in the majority of Americans: people who like to be fluid in their ideas. We think that’s awesome. You can be a left-libertarian by simply voting for (or at least closely considering) candidates who value left-libertarian priorities. And of course, encourage your friends and family to check out!

Cross-Cutting Cleavages are Cool

One of the great strengths of a healthy society is the presence and diversity of “cross-cutting cleavages.” This means that people identify with various overlapping groups, and these groups hold overlapping and often conflicting worldviews. In other words, an individual may hear different messages from different groups with which she identifies, be these cultural, religious, economic, or political. She may belong to a church, attend a school, play water polo, volunteer with a charity, and work at a restaurant. These identities and memberships will expose her to people with different views, improving her ability to not only understand the broad spectrum of humanity, but communicate and commiserate with people that, to a less well-connected person, might seem foreign or somehow “other.”

Political parties, unfortunately, often have the opposite effect. We might join a party because we support a particular candidate or strongly believe in a single issue, but many of us too readily find ourselves adopting the entire party platform, identifying that party with “right” and another party with “wrong.” This is perhaps the great folly of our current political system–it promotes the existence of two and exactly two political parties, making it easy to believe that our own party is the one with all the answers and the other is the enemy. We find out which news outlets belong to the enemy and refuse to access them; we block members of the other side on social media.

What’s the solution? Well, we should try to experience the world, or at least imagine it, from as many viewpoints as we can. Maybe we’ll find a person, or an idea, that will surprise us. 🙂


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